Spring Songbirds

I currently only offer individual outings where I work one on one with clients to target migrating and breeding songbirds.

Workshops take place in Eastern PA through central NJ.  I can usually taylor a spot most suitable for the client.

I do this in quiet settings, away from groups.  My workshops are not "point and shoot" offerings.  I work with clients on both birding behavior as well as photography techniques to improve their images.  

What's included:

  • Workshops begin at dawn and last through the mid morning (3 hour minimum) and I tailor locations to need.
  • Nikon shooters have use of a 500mm f/4 lens that can be mounted to their Nikon body.
  • After the shoot I also offer editing advice on pictures shot that day.
  • Pricing starts at $150-200 for a morning shoot, based on time and location. 

In a typical year I will photograph 30+ warbler species like the ones below.

Black and White Profile (Balck-and-white Warbler)Black and White Profile (Balck-and-white Warbler) Prothonotary on Slight Perch (Prothonotary Warbler)Prothonotary on Slight Perch (Prothonotary Warbler) Cerulean (Cerulean Warbler)Cerulean (Cerulean Warbler) Poised (Black-throated Green)Poised (Black-throated Green) In Spruce (Blackburnian Warbler)In Spruce (Blackburnian Warbler) Nick Smeshko (262)893-9071

April dates available are listed below or by request:

4/13 - Early Migrants

4/20 - 1 hour sunset special - song birds in blooms (2 people - only $50)

4/27 - Early breeding warblers - Targets: Black-and-white, Cerulean, Worm-eating, Ovenbird plus migrants

May dates are as follows:

I reserve one-on-one dates from 5/4-5/11

I work with clients this week to target specific species 

5/15 - Breeding Warblers (Northern) - Canada, Blackburnian, Magnolia and others.

Inquire about other weekdays in May/June based on availablity and schedule

The following dates are already reserved:

5/9, 5/10